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Case Studies

Chatbots that really work. Find out how !

Powerless (NBC)

Welcome to Wayne Security! In this chatbot, built to support the release of the new NBC property Powerless, Emily Locke, head of R&D at Wayne Security, invites the user into the fictional world of Charm City.

Epic Reads

This chatbot is a champion book recommender! Just tell us how you’re feeling, who your fave  author is, or the name of the book that changed your life, and we’ll hook you up with a sweet recommendation for your next read.


The ultimate girl chat. The Playtex Girl_Space bot tracks your menstrual cycle, provides customized health and wellness tips, answers tough period-related questions and offers an interactive scavenger hunt experience using the IBM Watson cognitive system.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Communicate your mood via emoji, and the Philadelphia Messenger chatbot will recommend the perfect recipe for that mood,  then guide you through the cooking process step by step. With a few laughs along the way, of course ;).