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Let Your Website Work Around the Clock, Just Like You Do.

Massively’s state-of-the-art generative AI chatbot is designed specifically for electricians and electrical contracting businesses to help manage your business effortlessly.

In the fast-paced electrical business, time is money and you can’t afford to lose either.  Whether it’s answering questions, booking appointments, nurturing leads, generating quotes, or even seamlessly transitioning to a real human support—we have got you covered 24/7.

Sign up for a free account or book a demo and learn how Massively can help your business connect to customers on channels they prefer (and are already on) like websites, landing pages, Google search and maps results, Facebook, Instagram, SMS and more. 

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Why choose Massively?

It’s what your customers prefer:

Chat and messaging platforms are the new gateway to your customer. Why? Because it’s convenient, fast and personal. 9 out of 10 customers want to message a business rather than call.

It’s where your customers want you to be:

79% of consumers get frustrated when they can’t contact a business on their preferred medium or platform. That’s why chat is so central to modern day businesses. Chat on websites, social platforms, from search results, SMS or embedded on custom landing pages…everywhere conversations happen.

Make your business available 24/7/365:

Never miss another sale, lead, or issue. Current and potential customers expect real time replies. Our approach features Live Chat PLUS Smart chatbots and creates conversations that delight. Using both together lets you provide immediate answers and support, 24/7.

Make more money:

Engaging customers through chat increases conversions by 20% (or more) vs email, and customers who use chat are 3X more likely to make a purchase. On average, businesses that use live chat enjoy a 305% higher ROI vs businesses that use only email/contact forms.

Save time:

Massively can automate “high volume, low touch” tasks, including up to 80% of routine customer questions. Tasks like booking appointments can easily be automated, freeing you up to focus on running your business.


“Massively’s transformed our electrical business. We are now capable of offering support at all hours, which has improved our customer satisfaction and increased our leads.”
– Murray Teed, NETCO Electric Co.

Don’t let the digital age leave you in the dark. Illuminate your business with Massively. Sign up for a free account or book a demo