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Massively is a leader in AI-powered chatbot solutions for Zendesk customers. Our omnichannel solution can engage with customers on the channels they prefer (and are already on) including Instagram, Messenger, Google’s Business Messages, Twitter, SMS, and, through our integration with Zendesk Sunshine Conversations, on Apple Business Chat and WhatsApp…anywhere conversations happen. Sign up for a free account or book a demo and learn how Massively can help your business connect to customers.


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Why choose Massively?

It’s what your customers want:

Chat and messaging platforms are the new gateway to your customer. Why? Because it’s convenient, fast and personal. 9 out of 10 customers want to message a business rather than call.

It’s where your customers want you to be:

79% of consumers get frustrated when they can’t contact a business on their preferred medium or platform. That’s why chat is so central to modern day businesses. Chat on websites, social platforms, from search results, SMS or embedded on custom landing pages…everywhere conversations happen.

Make your business available 24/7/365:

Never miss another sale, lead, or issue. Current and potential customers expect real time replies. Our approach features Live Chat PLUS Smart chatbots and creates conversations that delight. Using both together lets you provide immediate answers and support, 24/7.

Make more money:

Engaging customers through chat increases conversions by 20% (or more) vs email, and customers who use chat are 3X more likely to make a purchase. On average, businesses that use live chat enjoy a 305% higher ROI vs businesses that use only email/contact forms.

Save time:

Massively can automate “high volume, low touch” tasks, including up to 80% of routine customer questions. Tasks like booking appointments can easily be automated, freeing you up to focus on running your business.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

Michael Sheasgreen

PRESIDENT & Publisher, MIR Communications

“Massively is incredible. They listened to what we needed to accomplish and the team worked diligently helping us develop a structure that worked. Immediately after launching our guided chat our customers (and potential customers) started engaging with us in a deep way. We are planning another similar execution with Massively this Fall and know we have the right partner.”

Laurie Carter

Senior Creative Producer – JWT London

“It’s a pleasure working with the Massively team on the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Recipe Bot. The team is fantastic throughout, always trying to make the chatbot better with energy and good humour. A very professional yet personable bunch”.

Steve Mast


“The team at Massively are smart, flexible and a joy to work with. Massively powers our conversational research product, CRIS by Delvinia, by using AI and machine learning to conduct one-to-one chat based interviews at scale. We’ve been working with Massively since 2018 and they have never lost focus on our unique objectives. We’re proud to be partners.”