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MassivelyCase StudiesCase Study – Rings


1 million

Total users

Massive scale by Massively

77.3 million

Total messages exchanged

2.7 million

Number of shares


Users who watched the trailer

3 minutes

Time spent per session (average)

You have been marked.

Massively helped Paramount Studios create a chat experience that emulates the chilling scenes from the 2017 thriller, Rings, in anticipation for the film’s launch. Live on Kik, fans are immersed in a creepy and eerie conversation which is brought to life by the incorporation film assets into the conversational architecture.  One of the highest performing bots on Kik, Rings has proven itself to be a memorable chat experience, producing lasting brand equity for the movie and for Paramount Studios.

We are watching you.

The virality of Massively’s bot for Rings can be witnessed through the calculated usage of its sharing feature. Massively maximizes the reach of Paramount’s campaign by coercing users into “sacrificing” their friends. Armed with information, our Rings bot is sure to give you and your friend a good scare while generating interest for the movie. Clearly, our evil plans have worked: this experience was shared over 2.7million times.

If you were smart, you would be scared.

At Massively, we are proud to showcase our ability to create meaningful conversations by merging creative design with technology. The bot’s script adopts a dark and sinister tone, hooking in users and leaving them clinging to their seats from the very first message. On the technology side, we made sure to position the bot to capture the exponential growth of viral social marketing.  The result? 94% of the bot’s 1 million users started from a friend picker.

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