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Each Massively bot is built to meet the specific needs of the client. Our chatbots can be deployed anywhere, analyzed in real time and optimized instantly.

Engagement metrics

Track unique users, messages exchanged, time spent and more

Conversion tracking

Real analytics that speak to your brand’s goals, including clicks, transactions, views and more

Sentiment analysis

Find out how users speak to your bot and how they feel about your brand

Heat map

See what users love about your brand and your bot

Hypothesis testing

Test out multiple campaign ideas or solutions

Live agent requests

Transfer users from your bot to a live agent who can help them in real time

User segmentation

Target users based on engagement to maximize efficiencies and optimize the user experience

Triggered communication

Broadcasts, reminders and prompts to communicate

Deep learning

Find out why users talk to your bot, how often, when, and what they say

Message synthesizing

Our bots understand and process what users have to say

One click deploy

It’s easy to launch your chatbot on a variety of major chat platforms

Payment integration

Let your customers buy and pay within their chat

Web chat control

Web-enabled bots for embeds and testing

Built-in simulator

Test your bot as it is being built

Multi-platform integration

Launch your bot anywhere your customers are

Moderated replies

Keep track of what users say