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Elsient – Rogers Sportsnet Research

The project

Rogers launched a new brand campaign for Sportsnet and wanted to gather qualitative feedback efficiently to complement their quantitative ad tracking.

Using CRIS, our virtual moderator developed in partnership with Elsient, we conducted 80 text-based follow-up interviews with participants who opted-in from the survey.

CRIS Screens2


Messages exchanged


Interviews completed within 48 hours

Parameters & Challenges

Qualitative perspective needed to be gathered from across the country in a cost and time efficient way.

Traditional unmoderated solutions for collecting feedback (e.g. open ends) are not engaging for participants.

CRIS used open-ended discussion and relevant probing to uncover the emotional drivers to add more depth to the quantitative results.

Success Factors and Key Wins

Participants enjoyed the experience of talking with a virtual moderator and provided valuable in-depth responses.

The research uncovered emotions associated with the new tagline, helped identify solutions for watch-outs and generated interesting ideas for future campaign creative.

The AI developed by Elsient and provided follow-ups to keep participants on task, asked relevant probing questions in the moment and encouraged participants along the way. This resulted in 85% of interviews being completed within 48 hours.