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MassivelyCase StudiesCase Study – Hello Sugar

Hello Sugar

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The Project

Hello Sugar is a brazilian and full-body wax salon with dozens of locations across the US. Customer acquisition is primarily done through offering a free bikini wax. This approach was successful but required a significant amount of human resources to find and book appointments as well as upsell these new customers to paid services.

Massively created an automated booking agent named “Eva” which sends an outbound SMS message directly from the “free bikini wax” landing page or Facebook ad. Eva guides these new customers to book appointments and suggests additional services to add to their appointment. The automated agent also answers questions, sends reminders, nudges customers with friendly “have you completed your booking” messages after 1 hour and after 23 hours and allows customers to connect to a real person when required.

Hello Sugar Screens 2


Improvement in “Lead to Booking Ratio” after Eva was launched

Less than 2 Minutes

Average time to book from lead submission

The Eva virtual booking agent freed up a significant amount of time for human agents.

The improved “lead to booking ratio” led to a significant decrease in the average cost to acquire each new customer.

The Eva chatbot is loved by both the client and customers as it is personal, it saves time and decreases costs. New applicaitons are being added including appointment reminders and the ability to change/rebook appointments.

  • “I love this. I wish all of our activities had this type of impact on our business”  Brigham Dallas, Owner – Hello Sugar.