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MassivelyCase StudiesCase Study – Crawl

Paramount Pictures – Crawl

The project

Massively created a custom Facebook Messenger bot for Paramount Pictures to promote Crawl, starring Kaya Scodelario and directed by Alexandre Aja. It was essential that the project capture the tension and the perilous atmosphere of the film.  The experience played out like an escape room where users were asked to help the bot evade alligators in a flooded environment. Players communicated directly with the main character, guiding her through a series of challenges to escape. To increase the sense of urgency, each decision was time-restricted. If the timer expired before a choice was made, the results could be fatal.


Messages Per Users

3.8 Minutes

Average time spent per session

100% (209 out of 209) users recommended the experience.

The Crawl chatbot was loved by Facebook users as highlighted in their comments on the movie’s promoted post.

  • “I love this. I wish all horror movies would make this little game”
  • “Best ad campaign I’ve ever seen! (she escaped)”
  • “She lived! What a great way to promote the movie!!”
  • “This was actually fun 😂”
  • “I’d actually watch this and the messenger game looks intriguing”
  • “Whoever came up with the idea to use a chatbot to promote an upcoming movie, I’d like to buy you a beer and pick your brain. What a smart, clever use of chatbots”