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MassivelyCase StudiesCase Study – The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail

The project

Massively has partnered with The Globe and Mail to offer chatbot-enabled ad units to marketers looking for more innovative ways to reach their audience. This web embedded bot appeared on the publisher’s home page before the 2017 holiday season and was served over 700,000 times. Users were asked several questions on their purchases and the bot acted as a personal shopper, suggesting products while serving up images and links which directed users to the Pandora website. Want more inspiration? Click here to check out  conversational ads we created for Bank of Montreal, Fallsview Casino, Paramount Pictures and Scotia Bank.  


Click through rate of the Pandora bot


Click through rate of comparable ad units

Massively doubled the engagement of a traditional ad unit.


Users who completed the suggested flow more than once

The dynamic ad

Users complete the flow by choosing a gift recipient, budget range,  style, and product type. 1 in 3 users completed this flow more than once. In static ad units, one visual is served to each user but this ad unit is a customized product catalog that potential customers can browse through.

The data

A brand must be able to know their customers. Pandora could see what individuals were looking for before they stepped foot in any store. The bot collected data on consumer gift-giving habits.

Users were given the following choices:

Recipient: mom, friend, relative, significant other

Style: stylish, chic, festive

Price range: under $100, $100-150, over $150

Product: ring, charm, bracelet, earring, necklace

What did most customers want? A stylish bracelet for their mom. Massively provided a breakdown of popular product selections to Pandora’s marketing team to prepare the brand for a busy shopping season.