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MassivelyCase StudiesCase Study – John Wick

John Wick

John Wick on SMS


Lifetime messages per user

Get interested.


Users who submitted selfies

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“This account messaging game is so cool! I like it a lot. Wish other movies do something similar in the future!”

“I cried when I thought I lost but then he came back and said ‘What the hell happened? What did you do?’ He gave me another chance! lol YAY!”

The Project

We built a custom SMS bot for Lionsgate Entertainment and its agency to promote John Wick: Chapter 2. The bot invited fans to become a part of the John Wick world by recruiting them through text message. This was truly a bot for superfans to participate in the assassin’s journey: 1 in 5 of them submitted a selfie for the mission and received a custom response based on the attire worn in the photo as identified through image recognition technology.

Working with film assets, Massively crafted a chat experience to replicate the movie’s assertive and mysterious theme. By engaging with the bot, fans provided their phone numbers so that Massively could send them reminders about the premiere and where to purchase tickets, turning engagement into box office dollars.

Other tech

Microsoft Vision API for image recognition for image recognition