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Massively has helped Playtex® empower women by bringing the dialogue around health and fitness to a younger demographic. More than just a health app, this is an example of how brands can create digital tools to regularly engage young consumers seeking to learn more about their bodies.  Launched on Kik, Girl_Space was created by Massively to bring the Playtex® brand to social platforms popular amongst its adolescent customers.

5.4 million

Messages exchanged

3.4 minutes

Time spent per session (average)


Completed period tracker

Girl_Space is a tool. It’s useful.


Started playing game

Girl_Space is a game. It’s fun.

Girl_Space is inclusive.

In Girl_Space, young users can track their periods, receive tips, participate in an interactive scavenger hunt, and ask tough questions on that time of the month. Massively has crafted a casual chat experience to put users at ease while talking about heavily stigmatized topics. Employing a playful cheekiness, this bot can handle conversations that parents (and their kids) may be too skittish to address. Users are greeted with tone-appropriate dialogue in a body-positive setting.

The project

From the beginning, Massively collaborated with Playtex®’s ad agency in brainstorming ideas and researching copies for scripts. Special attention was given to the bot’s character in the aim of fostering an encouraging dialogue around women’s health. We worked with the client to map the conversational flow in a manner that was appropriate for capturing desired metrics. Besides all the fun and games, we know that health is a serious topic. That’s why we have designed an identification system to flag anyone with serious health risks for instances related to conditions such as toxic shock syndrome.

Other tech

IBM Watson for visual recognition to parse users’ inputted information for period tracker.