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MassivelyCase StudiesCase Study – Powerless

Powerless (NBC)


Massively built the Powerless bot to promote the February premiere of the NBC show. This chatbot acts as a promotional tool for potential fans to discover the show’s premise and to find out more about its characters in an interactive manner. Launched on Kik, this cost-efficient marketing solution was built by Massively for the studio to deliver media assets and generate interest at scale.

2.5 mintues

Time spent per session (average)


Users who returned


Users who watched trailer

Massively gets users interested.


Users who explored character profiles

Massively gets users curious.

The Project

Users are greeted by the main character, Emily Locke, a woman who lands her dream job as a director of research and development for Wayne Security protecting everyday citizens from the constant fighting of superheroes and supervillains. Fans can invite their friends, send a selfie, or submit a photo of their space to see if it is fit for the mission at hand.

Instead of going to the NBC website to find out more about the show’s characters, why not find out about them from Emily Locke herself? This way, fans do not have to be redirected to an external website and they can explore the show within popular messaging platforms.

What better way to give fans what they want by teasing them with show assets? Massively incorporates the trailer as well as gifs and photos of scenes for a more engaging and immersive chat experience. The result? 43% of bot users watched the trailer.

Lasting engagement

Even after the show premiered, our bot was hard at work. We sent a preview of an episode the day before it aired to a handful of bot users. Then, we asked everyone if they had watched the episode. Users who received the ‘watch tonight’ broadcast message were 40% more likely to report they had watched the episode.

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