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How do you use an immersive experience to engage a young and digitally savvy demographic? Our Snickers® Hunger Road Trip bot was a one-month adventure that enabled the brand to incorporate personalization into a version of the Road Trip campaign tailored to young fans. This project by Massively takes interactive games and chatbots to a whole new level on Kik.

Massively + Snickers® = Engagement


Lifetime messages per user

4.7 minutes

Time spent per session (average)

Have fun. Get hungry.

Massively’s Snickers® Hunger Road Trip bot is the ultimate adventure for you and your friends.

Choose your friends, your ride, stock up on your supplies and away you go!

It wouldn’t be a road trip without hiccups along the way. Earn Crusin’ Credits for every right answer, but be careful! Points are lost if you take the wrong turn.

Also, check the status of your friends and levels of crucial supplies.

The project

The best advertisements are subtle in nature: this is the ad that doesn’t feel like one. Throughout the experience, Massively has incorporated Snickers® branded assets to unassumingly increase product exposure. The premise of the game is centered around “hunger events”, where players answer questions by selecting various versions of the Snickers® bar. By having key assets and locations share the Snickers® name, the Hunger Road Trip experience is on-brand and fun at the same time. After all, that is why the average user spent 4.7 minutes on this bot.