Massively engage, recommend, play and deliver services. We help you streamline conversation, enhance customer relationships and increase sales.

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Massively designs and creates bots across all industries, for a variety of use cases. We can also help you build your own bot and even provide templates to help get you started.


Online shopping, chatbot style. Showcase your brand and products while engaging with clients in a one-to-one conversation.

Research & Survey

Collect and analyze data using our simple research and survey tool. Market research has never been this convenient.

Booking & Concierge Services

Booking appointments should be as easy as texting. With our chatbots, users can schedule appointments, meetings and more…anytime, anywhere.

Discovery & Recommendations

Chatbots that get to know you. Our bots can provide customized recommendations based on previous purchases, popular searches and related items.

Financial Technology

Provide a secure and convenient banking service to clients.  Our chatbots make it possible for chatters to safely access financial information, track their transaction history and manage payments.


Our chatbots provide convenient, secure access to healthcare information,  appointment scheduling, and the latest news in healthcare. Whatever you want to communicate with patients, we can make it happen.

Customer Service

Communicate essential information about your business, including location, hours of operation, key contacts, frequently asked questions and more. Need to connect to a live agent? We can do that to.


Make fans part of the story with engaging interactive experiences including games, quizzes, character chats and more.

Publishing & Content Distribution

Provide your audience with an engaging media experience on the platforms they already visit every day. Our chatbots allow users to access relevant news articles based on their previous searches and personal preferences.

Restaurant Ordering

Make it easy for your customers to order food from your establishment using their favourite messaging app.


Planning a conference or major event? Create a bot that guides attendees through the event experience, allowing them to register, check the schedule, discover venue information and more. You can even let them order drinks and have them delivered to their seats.

Make Your Bot

We build chatbots for retail, customer service, sports and entertainment and publishing. Our bots range from campaign-specific conversations to promote a new feature, product or service, to always-on bots that provide ongoing support and contact.