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MassivelyPress Massively activates Twitter’s new business features with WeatherNetwork chatbot

Massively activates Twitter’s new business features with WeatherNetwork chatbot

Canadian-based bot maker Massively is launching its first automated conversational experience on Twitter with a chatbot created for The Weather Network. Massively and The Weather Network are beta participants for the launch of two brand new Twitter features — quick replies and welcome messages using Direct Messages.

These two new Twitter features are intended to connect businesses with their followers by delivering prompt information in an online chat that can be launched straight from the organization’s profile page.

In this instance, users are able to jump into a ‘Automated Weather Chat’ by clicking the Direct Message button, hitting ‘Continue’ and then selecting the option for Automated Weather Chat. In the first conversation, the bot will ask users to determine their home city, then give options such as ‘Current Weather’ and ‘Hourly Forecast.’

“It has been a pleasure to be an early participant in this new feature set,” said Massively President Russ Ward in a statement.

“Since 2014, Massively has combined world-class conversational design with the most advanced artificial intelligence toolsets available. We are excited to deliver chat solutions that are a natural fit for brands who want to leverage Twitter’s conversational potential at scale.”

This article was written with contributions from Jessica Vomiero.

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