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MassivelyGeneral Introducing CRIS!

Introducing CRIS!

Filling in the Gaps

We spend a lot of time asking questions. Invariably, questions come up that we don’t have answers for. We simply don’t have enough data to support a conclusion or consumer insights to inform a decision.

In my previous life (before Massively seems like a long time ago), we started to keep a record of “knowledge gaps” when we asked questions without answers. We did our best to address those gaps through research as we built our strategic plans and wrote business cases to support our decisions. But sometimes it felt like we could never make a dent in the list of knowledge gaps. We would soldier on with the information we had and tried to make the best business decisions possible. Some people would argue that in business, you never have all the answers, so you need to trust your gut and take risks rather than overthink a problem. I tend to believe that in business, and specifically in marketing, it is true that you will never have all the answers…but that’s no excuse for not trying.

At Massively, we’re always looking for innovative conversational solutions. That’s why we – in partnership with Elsient – are thrilled to announce the launch of CRIS (or Conversational Research Insight System). CRIS is a virtual moderator that combines Massively’s unparalleled conversational design and AI capabilities, and Elsient’s expertise in qualitative research. With CRIS, it’s easier than ever for brands to address the knowledge gaps!

What does it do?

CRIS makes it easy for researchers, agencies and marketers to create and distribute personalized and engaging surveys using powerful A.I. to conduct 1-on-1 interviews. But CRIS is not a “just” a survey builder. Like all of Massively’s chatbots, CRIS engages users with free-flowing discussion and collects and organizes qualitative and quantitative insights. CRIS keeps the conversation flowing just like a real-life moderator, keeping participants on track and asking probing follow-up questions.

CRIS doesn’t just record the user’s response, it also analyzes their response and reports the results back to you. Our analytics track the emotional sentiment of user’s answers, and automatically tracks key themes and relevant quotes.

How does it work?

Using our easy to use self service building tool; brands, agencies and researchers script the discussion and the desired flow. With the push of a button you can generate a unique secure link that you can share with your participants. You don’t need to download any special apps to create or respond to CRIS surveys, it’s all done in your browser. All of the results are collected and displayed on our analytics dashboard, giving you immediate insight into what your users are saying.

CRIS will automatically keep the conversation on track, ask follow-up questions and gently prod users who go off topic or don’t respond in the way you expect. CRIS incorporates Google Cloud Language API to understand and empathize with your users. CRIS understands what people say, and how they feel when they say it.

Who uses CRIS?

Over the past year or so we’ve had the opportunity to see CRIS in action, and the results speak for themselves!

For example, Rogers used CRIS to get viewer feedback on a new Sportsnet brand campaign, including the new tagline. For more info on how CRIS worked for Rogers and other clients, you can read our case studies here.

If you want to learn more about CRIS, or sign up to create your own surveys, we’re proud to announce the launch of the official CRIS website.