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MassivelyGeneral Introducing Massively’s Generative AI-Powered Chatbots

Introducing Massively’s Generative AI-Powered Chatbots

Chatbots built using MAT by Massively now deliver more human-like experiences for elevated customer conversations., a pioneer in automated conversational solutions for businesses, today announced that generative AI-powered chatbots are now available through its self-service SaaS Platform, MAT by Massively. MAT by Massively empowers businesses to build and instantly deploy omnichannel AI chatbot solutions, in combination with Live Chat, without coding.

Starting today, businesses using Massively’s Smart Answers feature, available through its MAT by Massively platform, can build generative AI chatbots that use Open AI’s text-davinci-003 language model for natural language processing (NLP). This provides Massively chatbots with the necessary functionality to understand a user’s question, analyze the meaning of the text, and then generate the response that best answers the user’s question.

Generative AI, the game-changing advancement led by Open AI’s ChatGPT, has revolutionized the way people think about artificial intelligence. Massively’s Smart Answers now leverages Open AI’s cutting-edge recurrent neural network (RNN) and a DistilBERT embedding model to process human-like text, take into account the context of a given phrase, and generate a response that is appropriate for the given context.

Massively’s Smart Answers is a closed system for training AI, an approach in which the AI model is developed with each company’s specific data. Smart Answers allows businesses to easily ingest information about their business and also makes it easy to add and edit the information used to train each chatbot, thus improving accuracy and ensuring the chatbot starts smart and gets smarter over time. This “bounded data” approach results in predictable outcomes and a more secure, reliable, and accurate chatbot that understands and responds to customer requests using only data specific for each business.

This announcement marks a major upgrade in terms of accuracy and conversational skills available to all businesses, regardless of size. Working in combination with Massively’s native live agent solution, Massively’s chatbots also seamlessly hand over conversations to real people, making sure customers get to the right solution faster.

MAT by Massively allows easy deployment to websites, Meta Messenger, Instagram, Google Business Messages, and SMS, enabling businesses to engage customers in the moments that count everywhere they need to have conversations. Additional channels are available to Zendesk Sunshine Conversations subscribers.

Massively’s Generative-AI Chatbots and native Live Chat solutions help create better relationships with your customers, increase revenue, decrease costs, and make your day a whole lot easier. If you are curious about how a business like yours can leverage the power of this revolutionary technology, we can help. Click here to book a quick demo.

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