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MassivelyGeneral Massively gets listed in Messenger’s Platform Development Providers Directory

Massively gets listed in Messenger’s Platform Development Providers Directory

Massively is now listed in Facebook’s Platform Development Providers Directory for Messenger. The directory is a collection of businesses that have been integrated on Messenger’s interface supporting the sending and receiving of text in addition to the sharing of rich media content and the delivery of calls to action. As a provider of automated chat solutions, this listing makes it easier for Massively to deploy bots on Messenger for its clients.



A personal connection

Massively is proud to participate in a community of brands and businesses connecting with Messenger’s 1.2 billion monthly active users. This listing gives Massively the opportunity to seamlessly create more meaningful and engaging chat experiences for marketers. With chat becoming a predominant means of communication, Massively helps brands reach their target audience on widely frequented platforms with a global reach.

Chatbots built by Massively help companies connect with consumers on a personal basis at scale, offering measurable results throughout a prolonged duration of engagement. They merge artificial intelligence and technology with conversational architecture, enabling marketers to enhance existing branding efforts and to strengthen outreach strategy. Massively’s bots on Messenger have been used as interactive games, product assistants, customer loyalty programs, and customer service tools, allowing brands to monetize on popular social channels while delivering relevant content to the appropriate audience.