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MassivelyGeneral Massively Joins Zendesk Bot Partner Program; Integrates with Zendesk Sunshine Conversations Platform.

Massively Joins Zendesk Bot Partner Program; Integrates with Zendesk Sunshine Conversations Platform.

The partnership positions Massively to power extraordinary customer support for clients.

Massively is happy to announce its participation in Zendesk’s Bot Partner Program, as well as a powerful new integration with Zendesk Sunshine Conversations Platform. With this integration, Massively can offer clients new channels including WhatsApp and Apple Business Chat, as well as a seamless connection to Zendesk’s full suite of industry leading customer support services.

Companies simply must provide extraordinary customer support. Massively has always believed that smart chatbots PLUS real people are the keys to ensuring businesses meet the increasing expectations of customers. This includes automating answers and processes when appropriate, communicating with customers on the channels they are already on, leveraging AI to enhance decision making, and letting real people handle critical and value added requests from customers. Massively’s integration with Zendesk enables us to provide our clients with AI Powered Chatbots plus Real People to create omnichannel conversations that will delight customers.

Additionally, the partnership enables Massively powered solutions to deliver asynchronous messaging tied to Zendesk Support & Agent Workspace, and support more sophisticated routing logic, including Zendesk Support triggers & automations.

Massively can now provide hub-and-spoke integration through the Sunshine Conversations Switchboard to connect to any 3rd party software (Salesforce, Shopify, etc) and ensure all sales, marketing and e-commerce data is accessible in the conversation through one integration endpoint. This enables customers to get answers to frequently asked questions through our Smart Answers tool, check the status of an order, book appointments, and perform other important functions.

Massively new listing on Zendesk’s App Marketplace can be found here. The Zendesk Marketplace serves as a one-stop shop for Zendesk customers looking for trusted partners to compliment and fully realize the power of Zendesk’s suite of customer service solutions.

Massively is a leader in building chatbots people actually want to talk to by combining our expert conversational design with the smartest bot technology to ensure our clients get the right solution. Book a demo and learn how this partnership can provide truly amazing customer support by combining Massively’s AI powered chatbots with Zendesk’s full suite of industry leading customer support.